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Skin Benefits Of Mangosteen Peel

There may have long believed that the mangosteen fruit is nutritious. Skin color is purple mangosteen is believed to be rich in powerful antioxidants. Skin benefits of mangosteen peel fruit contains a so-called bioactive xanthone role crawl all over our bodies, can neutralize free radicals inside our body, so that your body becomes cleaner and healthier than ever.

Mangosteen peel of the queen of all tropical fruits can produce xanthone compounds, ie substances that are formed from the isolated skin of the mangosteen fruit. Xanthones are bioflavonoids that are antioxidants, antibacterial, antitumor, hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Xanthone compounds to counteract free radicals and prevent cell damage that hampered the process of cell degeneration. Especially today, we have many contaminated by chemicals, pollutants and artificial ingredients, and it’s all inevitable.

Mangosteen efficacy for the prevention of premature aging. Of course this will be very suitable for you who want to always look young and fresh look. If you are diligent consume juice mangosteen skin, you will feel the benefits as the skin clean and feels tighter.


Ref: http://www.asianspaproduct.com/ingredient/skin-benefits-of-mangosteen-peel/

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