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The Origin Of Our Story

Beginning with the farmers…

Scent&Sense was started from the idea to empower Thai farmers especially in a rural area to get the better life with the better income. As scientists, we decided to use our knowledge and skill to create more value to agricultural products by  transforming their waste to be a unique fragrance raw material.

Scent And Sense

We are engrossed in improving ourself to be the leader in scent design in Asia in both for cosmetic and perfume industries. With our special designed perfume, as a profound message delivered from producers to increase the customers’ impression and recognition, we strongly believe that we and our partners will firmly grow together. From thousands of aromatic raw materials, we can bring you to the never-ending creative olfactory experiences. 

scent and sense cosmoprof.webp


“Signature Scent”

We are a team of fragrance experts specialized in creating unique "Signature Scents" using specific techniques, combined with scent market research data, to reflect the identity and concept of the brand.



We focus on our customers "Success" through various products/services scent, aiming for sustainable brand growth.

Core Value

“Sustainable Scent”

We are a company that drives customer business success through various forms of scent, aiming to foster sustainable growth for the brand, community, and society – "Sustainable Scent"


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