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Scent and Sense: Designers of experiences through scents that reflect the feelings and identity of the brand.

Currently, marketing plays a crucial role in establishing the sustainability of a brand. Many businesses are constantly seeking new marketing strategies to create memorable and unique experiences. Ultimately, the core approach to providing customer experiences is to stimulate all five senses as much as possible, ensuring that customers fully receive the experience the brand intends to deliver.

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Publish January 2019

One of the increasingly popular marketing strategies today is Scent Marketing. This method serves as an effective communication channel, leaving a lasting impression on customers, enhancing brand image, and subtly attracting passersby to the store. According to a 2019 study involving 10,039 participants, 90% remembered and returned to the store due to their fondness for its atmosphere. Additionally, 78% of the participants found that making purchasing decisions was easier in-store compared to online shopping.

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Scene Bangkok

The contemporary blend of pear, fruit tea, and freesia scents evokes a sense of relaxation, reminiscent of leisurely strolls in the garden, sipping afternoon tea on a Sunday in a French-style café. The top notes of French lemon provide a refreshing, invigorating aroma that stimulates the senses and appetite, contrasting with the sweet vanilla base notes that add a smooth, mellow touch, enhancing the bakery flavors.

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Patent atomizing technology

Twin-Fluid and High-Speed fragrance diffusion technologies transform perfume into nano-sized particles, enabling it to disperse uniformly throughout the entire room. Additionally, the fragrance mist contains no water, preventing residue on walls or air ducts, which could lead to mold and bacterial buildup. This is a significant improvement over traditional heating methods, which can alter the quality of the fragrance.

Scent Technology

Fragrance diffusion technology is designed to efficiently enhance customer experiences through scent, making it suitable for various environments such as hotels, office buildings, events, sales offices, clinics, cafés, and other events. The system's features allow for programmable on/off times, and when combined with scents from Scent Designers, it can seamlessly tailor fragrances to match the client's concept throughout different periods.  

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Scent Diffuser Production

The process of scent presentation by fragrance experts enhances the customer experience more comprehensively. For instance, adjusting the scent in sync with the rhythm of the music at a concert, while maintaining the core scent that reflects the character of the artist, provides a more immersive experience.

Scent Diffuser System In what areas can we enhance your business?

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Boost Sales
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Encourage customers to take interest in the store and increase their time spent inside.
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Customers make decisions more easily.
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Enhance brand image.
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Increase opportunities for developing products in the fragrance and cosmetics categories.

Which types of businesses are suitable for one of the increasingly popular marketing tools?

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Retail Stores
Clothing Stores
Event Organizers
Beverage Shops
Shopping Malls
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