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Aroma marketing as a tool to increase turnover in a chosen business entity

The paper presents the results of a study conducted in a grocery store to evaluate the impact of aroma marketing on consumer behavior and sales volume. The results showed that the coffee aroma influenced consumer decision-making and stimulated impulsive purchases, leading to an increase in sales volume and turnover for the business.

Reference: Jakub, Berčí­k., Roderik, Virágh., Zdenka, Kádeková., Tatiana, Duchoňová. (2020). Aroma marketing as a tool to increase turnover in a chosen business entity.  14:1161-1175. doi: 10.5219/1475  

How is scent marketing important to service businesses?

A scent distribution system is crucial for service businesses in several ways


Stimulating Purchases

research has shown that specific scents can encourage customers to stay longer, purchase more, or perceive a product as being of higher quality.


Brand Identity

signature scent can use to make their brand more recognizable and unique. This can lead to stronger customer recall and differentiation from competitors.


Triggering Emotions and Memories

Businesses can leverage this by creating positive and memorable experiences for customers. The right scent can make customers feel good about their visit and increase the likelihood of return visits.

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  • Stimulating Purchases

  • Enhancing Brand Marketing

  • Creating Atmosphere and Impressions

  • Creating Memories

"Perfume is the most intense form of memory. Through scent marketing, we shape those memories to evoke positive emotions, encouraging customers to associate those feelings with your brand, and compelling them to return."

Rujira Trakulyingcharoen, Perfume Director S&S

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