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Signature Scent & Scent Storytelling

Strong scent stories can generate the sustainable growth for your products with the right scent design for the specific targets.

As shown in the research from Chicago University, humans tend to response to the scent they breathe in instinctively; refresh, relax or even sad. The olfactory sense is developed since the new born stage. Babies recognize their mothers from her smell, not her face. Therefore, the communication through scent is really essential. Whether we realize or not, many of our mood and decision are controlled by the scents, especially in our lifestyle products.

For example, kid's products are always come with fruity-gourmand notes. (The scent language for fruity-gourmand notes is fun, lively, bright and creative. Many of women sliming supplements are contained green apple flavour to make women feel more beautiful and positive about her shape.

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